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25. 05. 2024


10:00 - 14:00




Für jeden machbar!

Sticken mit Santo Cielo: Embroider Tiny Flowers & turn one into a Pendant

Wir freuen uns riesig, den großartigen Künstler Santo Cielo als Gast willkommen zu heißen für zwei exklusive Stick-Workshops. Der Workshop wird in Englisch gehalten, wir helfen gerne beim Übersetzen. But the language oft “crafting” is universal and you should all be fine even if you’re not firm in English!

Mini-Blumen sticken – für Anfänger geeignet!

Explore the world of hand embroidery with this delightful workshop! Craft five exquisite miniature flowers, including Edelweiss, Linden Flower, Cornflower, Forget-Me-Not, and Crocus.

You’ll start with a warm welcome and material introduction, learn essential tools, and discover how to transfer designs to fabric. Then, let the magic begin as you embroider these charming blossoms. You’ll even transform one into a wooden pendant.

No prior experience is needed; this workshop is designed for beginners. Unleash your creativity and gain a new skill while enjoying the therapeutic art of embroidery.

The Workshop includes:

  • A complete Embroidery Kit: Hoop, Threads, Needles, Printed Pattern and Wooden pendant
  • Water, tea, coffee and some snacks will be available
  • Access to the online Embroidery guide (PDF) where you can find the stitches learned at the workshop and some new ones

Dauer: ca. 3,5-4 Stunden
Preis: 69€
Ort: Die MachBar Lübeck
Veranstalter: Santo Cielo

Photo by Araí Molieri

Wer ist Santo?
Santo was surrounded by fabrics, threads, and dressmakers his whole life. He started learning embroidery in 2015 while he was doing interviews with needle crafters for his bachelor degree thesis. Thanks to those women, he was able to discover and learn beautiful techniques.
Nowadays, his work is focused mostly on portraits of animals and humans using the needle painting technique. He always finds inspiration in nature, everyday life, and things that evoke nostalgia.
He loves to impart his passion and skills to others, finding beauty in the verbal and mimetic transmission of this knowledge. Discover the world of embroidery with Santo Cielo! Hier erfährst du mehr: https://santocielo.cc

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